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Some Projects we Have Delivered

3d rendered photorealistic image of a modern architecture

Obsidian In The Woods

At Rogue Studios, we often take on un-commissioned projects to help push our creativity and further hone our craft. Project ‘Obsidian in the Woods’ is one of such projects. A medley of vegetation, beautiful architecture, and raw natural materials.

photo visual of a Tame Pet Furniture called dog pen

Dog Den

Introducing “The Dog Den,” a modern dog crate designed by Tame UK, a brand specializing in creative pet furniture. We collaborated with them to create product visuals and animations for their product launch and marketing.

3d rendered visuals of an LED light called literonics


In 2021, Rogue Studios teamed up with Litetronics, a 54-year-old leading LED light manufacturer, and for the last 3 years, we have created diverse 3D visuals of their top products, for their marketing and presentation efforts.

a photo realistic image of zenyum whitening toothpaste


This one’s a Rogue Studios personal favorite! We created a set of creative studio renders for Zenyum; a global dental care brand. The images creatively tell the story of the natural ingredients that make up each product.

photorealistic 3d render of Helmwood’s maiden furniture items

Helmwood Urban Lumber

We created photorealistic images of Helmwood’s maiden furniture items: a range of dining tables. These images served as marketing collateral for the product launch. We created studio and lifestyle renders to show the tables in different finishes, as well as in use cases.


Versine Skin Care

Versine, a skincare brand, began when the founder, navigating pregnancy skincare challenges, created high-quality, versatile products. In partnership with Rogue Studios, Versine told their story visually, showcasing their products with precision through 3D visualization.

3d visualisation of re lounge

ReLounge Massage Lounger

Meet ReLounge, the all-in-one massage lounger designed specifically to address back pain and promote overall health. From design conceptualization to product development and visualization, Rogue Studios was a key part of the ReLounge.

3d visualization of Werkmeister bed design


In 2021, Erich Werkmeister GmbH, Germany’s leading mattress and bedding producer commissioned Rogue Studios to be its long-term 3D Visualization Partner. We have since created stunning marketing visuals of Werkmeister’s products