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3d visualization of Werkmeister bed design

Erich Werkmeister GmbH is Germany’s leading mattress and bedding producer, and supplies its products to most mattress retail companies across Germany and the rest of Europe. Great products need great marketing material, and at this point, they reached out to us to create creative 3D renders of their products for marketing and presentation purposes. 

In 2021, we entered into a long-term partnership as Werkmeister’s 3D Visualization Partners. In the years following up till date, we have crafted spot-on marketing visuals for Werkmeister’s products both in studio setups, and lifestyle scenes. These marketing materials are then distributed to their retailers for use in catalogs or online marketplaces.

Project Gallery

In 2021, Erich Werkmeister GmbH, Germany’s leading mattress and bedding producer commissioned Rogue Studios to be its long-term 3D Visualization Partner. We have since created stunning marketing visuals of Werkmeister’s products


Erich Werkmeister GmbH


Ongoing Collaboration