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What we do, and How we do it

photorealistic image of the exterior of a property

Exterior Rendering

At Rogue Studios, we firmly believe that photorealistic exterior images are the key to driving property sales. Our clients believe that too, and that’s why they keep coming back; project after project. We have constantly created stunning exterior renders that have closed sales, even while the homes are still under construction.

3d visualization of the kitchen interior of a house

Interior Rendering

Our Interior Rendering Service has proven to be the best fit for Interior Designers, Property Developers, and Architects looking to effectively communicate their interior ideas to their clients. We have also helped Furniture and Product Designers showcase their furniture/product pieces in beautiful interior scenes.

3d model of a furniture design

Furniture Rendering

Armed with a highly skilled modelling team and our massive library of textures, we can recreate just about any furniture design as a 3D Model and showcase the furniture item in any material finish known to mankind. 3D Furniture Staging is also made possible under this service, allowing us showcase the furniture items in different interior/exterior scenes and use-cases.

3d model of a product called versine

Product Visualization

Beyond Architectural and Furniture visualization, we also serve product design companies and brands. With an excellent modelling team that can recreate just about any item in 3D, we have visualized all kinds of products all the way from consumer electronics, jewelry, beverages, medical products, and so on.

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