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3d rendered visuals of an LED light called literonics

Founded in 1970, Litetronics specializes in designing and manufacturing ‘easy to install’, longer lasting, and efficient lighting for all uses. Manufacturing and marketing a full range of LED lights, Litetronics serves commercial, institutional, industrial, and retail businesses and needs. 

Litetronics reached out to us in 2021 for a one-off project; to create marketing campaign images for a new product’s launch. We delivered photorealistic images that boosted the product’s sales, and consequently, we entered into a long-term partnership. 

Project Gallery

In 2021, Rogue Studios teamed up with Litetronics, a 54-year-old leading LED light manufacturer, and for the last 3 years, we have created diverse 3D visuals of their top products, for their marketing and presentation efforts.


Litetronics International Ltd.


Ongoing Collaboration