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Obsidian In The Woods

3d rendered photorealistic image of a modern architecture

‘Obsidian in the Woods’ was a special project undertaken by the Rogue R & D Team. The goal was to study the combination of natural foliage, cabin architecture, and various building materials in 3D visualization, and create stunning renders that fuse all these elements. And that, we did! Here are a few images from the project.

As always, we thoroughly enjoy digging into the specifics, studying different types of textures, and experiencing how light interacts with different surfaces. ‘Obsidian in the Woods’ was one of those experiences. Worth it, I’d say!

Project Gallery

At Rogue Studios, we often take on un-commissioned projects to help push our creativity and further hone our craft. Project ‘Obsidian in the Woods’ is one of such projects. A medley of vegetation, beautiful architecture, and raw natural materials.


Rogue Studios. R&D


April, 2023