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Helmwood Urban Lumber, based in Houston Texas, and renowned for excellent custom-made wood craftsmanship, wanted to launch products of her own. They designed their maiden pieces and reached out to us with the design sketches, schematics, and prototypes, and then we got working. 

The result? Stunning images of the tables showing Helmwood’s 3 main wood finishes: oak, walnut, and pecan. To further show the tables in diverse use cases, we created lifestyle renders of each table, showing how it interacts with other furniture items within a living space. 

These images formed the basis for the products’ launch into the market, delivering impressive sales and engagement results.



We created photorealistic images of Helmwood’s maiden furniture items: a range of dining tables. These images served as marketing collateral for the product launch. We created studio and lifestyle renders to show the tables in different finishes, as well as in use cases.

ClientHelmwood Urban LumbeDateApril 2022 - May