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Zenyum is a consumer-focused dental health brand on a mission to “help Asia smile more”. We were commissioned in 2022 by Zenyum Singapore to create marketing images for their ZenyumFresh™ Toothpastes and ZenyumFresh™ Breath Shield products. There was no specific brief, and we had creative freedom in the design direction. 

Fun fact; at Rogue Studios, we loooove Creative Freedom! So we started out with studying the products, identifying the main ingredients, and understanding the brand’s relationship with its consumers. Our creative team got to work, and we produced these masterpieces! Needless to say, these visuals brought a fresh energy to their marketing efforts, delivering record results both in sales, and customer engagement. 



This one’s a Rogue Studios personal favorite! We created a set of creative studio renders for Zenyum; a global dental care brand. The images creatively tell the story of the natural ingredients that make up each product.

ClientZenyum SingaporeDateJanuary