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Versine, a skincare brand, started when the founder had trouble finding safe skincare advice during her pregnancy. Frustrated by the lack of clear information, she quit her job in 2019 to create Versine Skincare; a skin care product made with a specific focus on pregnant women. The products are versatile, vibrant, and indulgent; suitable for all life stages, including pregnancy and nursing.

But what is an excellent product without excellent visuals?? Versine had excellent products, and they needed excellent visuals. Jennie Gao (Founder) reached out to us, and together we ideated and created these beautiful 3D-rendered images that have now formed the basis of Versine’s marketing efforts and have continued to deliver amazing sales and conversion results. 



Versine, a skincare brand, began when the founder, navigating pregnancy skincare challenges, created high-quality, versatile products. In partnership with Rogue Studios, Versine told their story visually, showcasing their products with precision through 3D visualization.

ClientVersine Skin CareDateAugust