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This idea came about in 2022 after several unsuccessful attempts to find a lively, practical, and perfectly fitting den for their pets. 

After the design was done, they reached out to us with the design schematics, and we got to work visualizing the design. Our role in the project was not only to visualize the design but also to create photorealistic renders to show the different finish/color options available, as well as to engage prospective buyers; and needless to say, we delivered beyond expectations! 

We created an array of images as well as a creative video animation showing the assembly, as well as the variations. These visuals have made an instant difference in Tame UK’s marketing and sales efforts. 

Overall, a successful collaboration!





Introducing “The Dog Den,” a modern dog crate designed by Tame UK, a brand specializing in creative pet furniture. We collaborated with them to create product visuals and animations for their product launch and marketing.

ClientTame UKDateDecember